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More than 2 decades of experience, as well as the multidisciplinary profile of IMATEC31 components, allow us to offer our professional services in engineering, automatic, dynamic and industrial weighing, electricity, automation and IT.

We have the technical and human resources necessary to offer effective preventive and corrective maintenance of your installations, as well as for the resolution of incidents, breakdowns, expansion, improvement and modernisation that may occur in the current systems of your industry.

The seriousness, professionalism and capacity of the components of IMATEC31 offer solutions that seek to ADVANCE the olive sector towards a greater optimisation of its production processes; SAFETY as a premise in the execution and correct functionality of the work and processes implemented; and all of this, framed by the COMMITMENT to the olive sector and its related industries, as well as with the progress and commitment to the values provided by those who make up this project.


953 28 46 97 / 637 18 18 08


Pol”Los Olivares” C/. Huesa, 4 – 23009 – Jaén – España

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