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3G Since 2000

3G Since 2000, S.L. is a Spanish company founded with the will to offer the best solutions to its customers, with a wide range of industrial enzymes, to help in the optimization of the manufacturing of products and processes.

3G Since 2000 SL, in its vocation to innovate by providing solutions to the food sector, has developed a range of products for the olive oil sector, after many years of research. The use of adjuvants in the food industry is a growing field that allows the optimization of production processes, in many cases improving yields and adding extra environmental value.

For the development of these enzyme complexes, analyses have been carried out both at laboratory and industrial level, in different reference centers:
– University of Zaragoza
– IFAPA Jaén Technological Center
– Industrial trials in oil mills in Portugal and Morocco.

Even though Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013 details the ban on the use of processing aids in the EU (such as enzyme complexes) in the processing of extra virgin and virgin olive oils, it does not affect the processing of second centrifugation oils.

The use of our enzyme complexes in the olive oil extraction process presents the following characteristics
the following advantages:
– Potential increase in olive oil extraction yields, with the consequent
reduced process waste and lower environmental impact.
– Reduction of water and energy consumption in the extraction process.
– Faster processing, reducing production costs.


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08420 Canovelles (Barcelona)

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