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The creation of the ESAO is determined by criteria of professional ethics in each and every one of the areas of our influence. Our actions are designed and developed under holistic parameters, trying to analyze all the interactions that characterize any event. In this way, we ensure that rigor, responsibility and trust are part of our fuel. Our work tools are based on innovation and development, with an open and proactive attitude to all those actions that are committed to quality in any link of the value chain of virgin olive oil. The engine that makes us work is the professional team that surrounds us, being a staff committed to the ethics and personality of the company, particularities that give us a high level of efficiency. The ultimate aim of the Escuela Valenciana de Cata y Comercio del Aceite de Oliva is to flood as much land as possible with culture and extra virgin olive oil, and it is with this aim in mind that we WELCOME every initiative that wishes to join us. A big hug to all extra virgin olive oil lovers!





Vicente la Roda St, 6, 46011 Valencia

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