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The history of Talleres González y París, S.L. dates back to 1981. It was then that its founding partners, Rafael París Joya and José González Montero, decided to make their projects a reality and enter the olive grove sector. The company currently has more than 6000m2, divided between the factory, the exhibition area and the offices. Our facilities are equipped with the most modern technologies and high-precision tools, both for the manufacture and repair of machinery. All thanks to the hard work and effort year after year of its two partners.

Talleres González y París, S.L. is a family business specialising in the design, manufacture and repair of machinery for the agricultural and olive oil sector; from conveyor pumps for
alpe-pomace and vibrators for olive groves, to pulp-stone separators, olive destemmers, pneumatic conveyors for olive pits, bale collectors, etc…

Currently, the company has more than 30 employees working in the factory, and is managed by the second generation of our founders, Don Rafael París Maldonado, Don Ismael París Maldonado and Don José González Fernández.


+34 954 016 132


P.I. Santa Ana , Avenida de la Industria, 10, 41590 La Roda de Andalucía
Sevilla (España).

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