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IMS PESAJE, with more than 25 years of experience in the olive sector, offers all types of weighing solutions for cooperatives and oil mills, ranging from continuous weighing scales for reception yards, weighbridges up to 60 Tn, dynamic weighing on belt for dirt control and all types of industrial weighing. IMS also specialises in the automation and control of cleaning yard processes.

IMS PESAJE is currently the leading company in the weighing sector and all its products are adapted to the new Legal Metrology Regulations. We have the satisfaction of being the exclusive distributors of the famous Microgram weight indicators, currently Dataprocess, installed in more than 2000 scales throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

IMS PESAJE, as a specialist in oil mill weighing, has designed its new Fénix 3.2 continuous weighing scale with the ever-increasing production requirements of oil mills in mind, which is why our scale allows weighing up to 500 kg. It is also totally stainless steel, adapting to the quality requirements in the treatment of olives.

IMS PESAJE has its own weighing software, fast and reliable, adapting to the most demanding customer requests, which allows us to integrate the yard control in the same application. A highly qualified technical service with years of experience allows us to solve problems in record time, providing service every day of the week, including holidays, during the olive season.

IMS PESAJE is the only Andalusian company with a truck crane and 20,000 kg in certified masses for the assembly, verification and calibration of weighbridges. As we are manufacturers, we adapt to the requirements of our clients: embedded, above ground, metallic, with concrete platform, etc., manufacturing them to measure from 8 to 18 metres, and all with 500mm side beams, which makes our truck scales into lifelong scales.

IMS PESAJE makes its customers its greatest business asset, advising and offering our technical advice, always offering them a range of appropriate solutions to the concerns and problems they present to us.


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Herreria St, Nave 57. Plg. Ind. “Los Cerros”. C.P.: 23400 • Úbeda (Jaén)

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