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The agri-food sector has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. This transformation has been brought about in the first place by the great advances that have been introduced in the cultivation, care and production of agricultural products, and the companies in the sector that have used these new technologies have seen their productivity and the quality of their final product increase.
Secondly, the market has changed due to the rise of the Mediterranean diet and the concern for wellbeing and health, demanding quality and healthy agricultural products. Some companies have also become aware of the importance of having professionals in the areas of management, marketing or internationalisation in order to become a competitive company, and this is a catalyst for the rest of the company’s transformations, as it has provided the specific knowledge to be able to tackle them.
In this sense, the pioneering companies that have been able to design a strategic communication at corporate level in this sector can be a reference for all organisations that have not yet tackled these processes of change in order to survive in the future.
This course aims to present those pioneering companies and professionals who show us how to change the course of their organisations to make them more competitive. To teach effective communication and marketing strategies in the agri-food industry, covering topics such as branding, market segmentation, digital marketing, influencer marketing, media campaigns, creativity and the impact of image.
Real testimonies that can motivate the agents involved in the agri-food sector to know how to design a communication that will help them to relate to all the stakeholders involved in their organisations in an efficient and effective way.

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